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What is the U.S. Census?

The U.S. Census, also known by its official name, the Decennial Census of Population and Housing, takes place every ten years in the years ending in zero. Simply stated, the purpose of the Census is to determine the number of people living in the United States.

Why is the Census important?
There are two major reasons that the Census is important - funding and representation. The data collected via the Census is used to determine the distribution of almost $700 million in funding to states, counties, and local communities. Congressional representation in the U.S. House of Representatives is also determined by results of the Census. Your participation helps ensure funding and representation for your community.

Who should be counted?
Anyone who is living in the United States as of April 1, 2020, regardless of their citizenship or residency status. When you complete the Census, you should count everyone who is living in your household on April 1, 2020.

How can I complete the Census?
For the first time ever, you will be able to complete the Census online. There are also options for you to complete and submit the Census via U.S. mail or telephone. In March of 2020, the Census Bureau will send invitations via U.S. Mail to approximately 95% of households in the U.S. with instructions and options for completing the Census. For 5% of households, the Census invitation will be delivered in person by a Census worker.

When will I be able to access and complete the Census online?
Instructions for completing the Census online will be included in the invitation that will be delivered to your residence sometime in March of 2020.

Who should complete the Census survey?
One member of each household should complete the Census survey. A household is defined by the Census as “all the people who occupy a housing unit.” This means that all individuals, regardless of their relationship to one another, who are living in the same house or apartment on April 1, 2020, should be considered as part of that household.

Someone in my household already completed the Census. Do I still need to complete a separate Census survey?
No. Only one member of each household should respond to the Census.

Do I have to respond to Census? Is it mandatory?
The U.S. Constitution requires that the Census be conducted every 10 years. An individual who refuses to participate in the Census or anyone who knowingly provides false information on the Census survey may be subject to financial penalties.

What kind of questions will I answer on the Census survey?
The Census will ask basic demographic questions, such as age, sex, marital status, and income level, about you and the members of your household.

What kind of information will the Census NOT ask me to provide?
The Census survey will never ask you to supply social security numbers or banking account or credit card information. In addition, the Census will not solicit money or donations for any reason.

What happens to the information that I provide to the Census Bureau?
The information you provide can only be used for statistical purposes in order to determine such things as Congressional representation and federal funding for your community. There are very strict federal laws that protect the information that you provide. In fact, law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, CIA, and ICE, cannot access or use your personal information.

Is the information I provide secure?
The Census Bureau protects the information that you provide by using the most up-to-date security standards and data encryption methods.

How can I learn more about the 2020 Census?
More information about the 2020 Census is available at www.2020Census.gov.

The City of Wilton Manors is also looking for volunteers to help.  Call 954-390-2103 for more information. 

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