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An accreditation program has long been recognized as a means of maintaining the highest standards of professionalism.  Indeed, it is a form of “best practices” that acts to protect both the police officers and the citizenship they are sworn to protect.  Accreditation has proven to give a high return on investment because it protects taxpayer dollars by providing the most efficient use of staffing and equipment through the adoption and use of these “best practices.”   A Police Department which attains such designation is the functional equivalent to a Doctor or a Lawyer being “Board Certified” and it means that we meet or exceed the highest standards of our respective professions.  In addition, Accreditation helps in our recruiting efforts as the best police candidates are drawn to the best Police Departments.  Finally, those Police Departments which are accredited tend to have a higher success rate in securing Grant Awards because of the status that comes with being accredited.

The Wilton Manors Police Department first attained Accreditation status in 2010.  This past spring we went through the process of “Re-Accreditation” which was an arduous process of proving that this Police Department continues to adhere to these high standards in our daily activity as we serve the citizens and visitors of Wilton Manors.  In June 2013 the Wilton Manors Police Department was awarded “Re-Accreditation” at a ceremony in Bonita Springs.

Our Accreditation Coordinator, Lee Zahuranec, was a vital part of this success story.  Here is what I wrote in a letter to her when she was selected as our Department’s Employee of the Quarter (2nd Quarter 2013):
Since May of 2011, the daily work required to maintain compliance with CFA Accreditation lay either dormant or in transition among a total of four different employees.  Upon your arrival to our Police Department in December 2012 you inherited an Accreditation process that was, to say as nicely as possible, challenging.   You drew upon your FDLE experience and from your working knowledge of the Accreditation process in an effort to keep the entire Department focused and on-task.  You developed a challenging mock assessment from which you identified the weaknesses within the Department’s compliance requirements.  You then worked diligently to correct those weaknesses in a timely manner.  In effect, you got this Department back on track for re-accreditation. 

No doubt there was in place an attitude of “all hands on deck” as the Department went through the arduous assessment process; but let there be no doubt that you were the driving force and the guiding hand that led us to a successful review by the CFA Commission.  Your continuous upbeat attitude inspired all of us.  This showed during the assessment process and during the CFA Commission review.

So the Wilton Manors Police Department maintains its Accreditation status for the next three years.  What an honor this is!!  The badge we wear on our uniform is a Badge of Honor.  The Accreditation status we have attained is a Badge of Excellence!  For more information on the Florida Accreditation process I encourage you to visit their website at

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