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Employee of the Quarter
Officer Michael Havemann - 4th Quarter 2014

Michael HavemannOfficer Havemann, congratulations on your selection as the recipient of the David Dodson Officer of the Quarter award for the fourth quarter of 2014. During this quarter you made a total of 31 arrests; most of which were drug related and self-initiated. Your self-motivated work ethic was unmatched during that time period. Indeed, you led the entire Agency in 2014 with a total of 126 arrests. 

Officer Havemann you have shown yourself to have a "sixth sense" for finding and ridding our streets of illegal drugs and the criminal activities which accompany this abusive behavior. You have gone as far as to identify several drug problem areas within our city and you have formulated plans of attack, such as surveillance and intelligence gathering from various sources, to combat this scourge. Perhaps just as important, you have accomplished this feat all the while maintaining the utmost professional standards which is an expectation of our community. 

Moreover, you have shared your knowledge and skills with our newer police officers in an effort to spread the professionalism throughout the Department. Perhaps this was the strongest element which solidified your selection for this award; a selection that was made by your peers. 

A recent example of your good work was seen in the early morning hours of October 19th when you located a subject loitering in front of a closed business. You made contact with this subject and, as it turned out, he was wanted by our Detective Bureau for committing numerous burglaries in our city. The subject was taken into custody and interviewed by our Detectives which resulted in the clearing of numerous burglary cases. 

A final, and perhaps most illustrative example of your strong work ethic, is witnessed on a weekly basis when you attend countywide K9 training on your own time in an effort to learn more about drug sniffing K-9 dogs, the work they do and how they do it. You continue to be a shining example of our Police Profession! 

Congratulations on your selection as the David Dodson Officer of the Quarter award for the fourth quarter of 2014.

Paul O'Connell
Chief of Police