Walking & Running Safety Tips

Walk Run SafetyWith the holidays coming to a close and everyone wanting to “work off” all of the delicious treats and libations more people will take to the streets for a brisk walk or a relaxing run. While doing so it is very important to observe rules of safety and etiquette whenever you go out for that run or walk. This is especially true during winter months when the sun is down by the time everyone gets home from work. This means that most of you will be exercising in the dark. By following a few safety rules you will be sure to have a stress free walk or run.

  • Proper Dress: If it is dark when you go out for your walk or run be sure that you are dressed to be seen. Drivers at night or even in early mornings sometimes aren’t “on the lookout” for walk/runners. Wear light colored or reflective clothing and shoes. Many brands of running and even walking shoes have reflective material on them. The worst type of clothing to wear while out for a walk or run in the dark is blue, black or navy. This renders the walk/runners almost invisible to traffic. If you do not have reflective gear or light colored clothing a white T-shirt works just as well.
  • Face the Traffic: If your routes for walking/running do not have bike paths or sidewalks always walk/run in the direction facing oncoming traffic.
  • Never Walk Alone: If at all possible run or walk with someone. Not only does this increase your safety but it can also make your walk more enjoyable. If you walk or run try to tell someone which route you will be taking and what time you think you may return.
  • Walk or Run Defensively: Please don’t assume that all drivers know about the Pedestrian Has Right-of-Way Rule because many of them do not.
  • Lose the Jewelry: Leave the valuables at home. The only accessory you need is a watch with the stopwatch function.
  • Change it Up: Don't establish regular running or walking patterns by taking the same route at the same time every day. Try and keep a step ahead of any potential muggers by varying your routine when you go out.
  • Self-Defense: You may want to carry handheld spray devices that contain mace or something similar. They fit comfortably in your hand and are easy to use.
  • Carry Identification: Always carry some form of identification in case of an emergency. If you are happen to be away from on vacation or away on business make a note of the address where you are staying.
  • Keep Right: Many walkers and runners didn’t know but if you wind up walking or running on a bicycle or pedestrian path always stay on the right hand side so that faster walkers, runners and cyclists can easily pass. If there are two or more of you don't hog the path.
  • Ditch the Headphones: That way you will be alert to any potential dangers whether it’s a dog, a fast-approaching car, or the sound of other people around you.

If you have any questions about walking, running or general safety in our city please contact us at 954-390-2150.