Recyclable Items

The City of Wilton Manors has a single-stream recycling system, which means you can place all of your recyclables together in the same container, without sorting. If you require additional containers, please call City Hall at (954) 390-2100.
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Click here for a list of acceptable items and recycling guidelines. And check out a really helpful YouTube animated video called "How does a Material Recovery Facility (MRF, sounds like MURF) work?" for an easy-to-understand explanation of how our recyclables are sorted.

For our residential customers, recyclables are collected once a week - with Christmas Day being the only day of the year that recyclables are not collected.

Recycling Collection Schedule

The City is divided into three zones for garbage, recycling and bulk collection.

Zone 1:  Your garbage collection is on the Monday/Thursday schedule, and your recycling will be collected on Thursdays.
Zone 2:  Your garbage collection is on the Tuesday/Friday schedule, and your recycling will be collected on Fridays.
Zone 3:  Your garbage collection is on the Wednesday/Saturday schedule, and your recycling will be collected on Wednesdays.

Please call (954) 390-2190 if your recyclables have not been collected by 5:00 p.m. on your recycling collection day.

Recycling Drop-off Center

The City also maintains a drop-off center for County residents and businesses to drop off recyclables, located at the corner of NE 12th Avenue and NE 24th Street in Wilton Manors. The drop-off center consists of several marked containers in a well-lit parking lot with 24 hour access.

Electronics Recycling

If you have some electronics items you would like to recycle, such as household computers, monitors, keyboards, printers, televisions, fax machines, cell phones and rechargeable batteries, the City has contracted with WM AtYourDoor for doorstep collection.  Click here for more details, or call 1-800-449-7587 to schedule a pickup.  Please note that City residents can no longer drop off their electronics for recycling at Broward County drop-off locations.