Colohatchee Park


1975 NE 15th Avenue
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Park Hours

8:00a.m. to Dusk, Thursday - Monday. Closed Tuesday's and Wednesday's.

About Colohatchee Park

Colohatchee Park is a 8.5 acre community park, which includes 7 acres of mangrove preserve. This mangrove preserve offers nature enthusiasts a great view of a variety of species of mangroves and the animals that live in this natural habitat. An elevated walkway takes you through the wetland areas of the Middle River and leads to the back of the park. Located in the back of the park are restrooms, a dog play area, basketball court, sand volleyball court, playground and a pavilion which can accommodate up to 75 individuals.

The pavilion, which is 24'x35' (840 sq. ft.) is available for rentals and will accommodate up to 75 people. Pavilion rentals includes the use of picnic tables and BBQ grill. All rentals include the entire time the park is open for that day. Pavilion rental fees are $70 for residents of Wilton Manors and $100 for non-residents of Wilton Manors. A $50 security deposit is required (refundable within 4-6 weeks after rental is complete). For more information, please contact the Leisure Services Department at 954-390-2130 or to send our staff a message Click Here

History of Colohatchee Nature Park

Historical records of the City of Wilton Manors reveals the following story on the name "Colohatchee". Back in the early 1890's our first white settler was one William C. Collier who set up farming on the south side of the North Fork of the Middle River. William Collier planted an orange grove and soon found that the setters prior to his time, the Seminole Indians, were very fond of his oranges. Their name for him was "Colo", a shortened version of Collier. Colo coupled with the Seminole word for river - "Hatchee" - was the origin of Colohatchee or "Collier at the River". 

From his name and location, plus the recent construction of the park, where nature lies undisturbed in its original state, came the name "Colohatchee Nature Park". The boardwalks through the park were built around the red and black mangrove trees. While walking in the park you are completely removed from the busy surroundings of the heavily traveled Northeast 15th Avenue. The park provides a place of quiet solitude to forget about the problems of the day or an educational opportunity to see nature at work.


Colohatchee Dog Play Area


1. All dogs must have a current City of Wilton Manors Annual Dog Permit with them at all times when in the park.
2. Dogs must be on a leash in the parking lot and on the way into and out of the dog play area.
3. Owners must carry litter bags at all times and clean up after their dogs.
4. There should be NO spiked or pinch collars.
5. Owners must remain in the dog play area with their dog(s), clean up after their dog and monitor the dogs behavior.
6. If your dog becomes aggressive, it must be removed from the park immediately.
7. No more than two (2) dogs per person are permitted.
8. Dogs in heat, ill and/or with internal or external parasites (fleas, ticks, worms) are not allowed in the park.
9. If your dog digs, it must be stopped and the hole filled in by you.
10. All children under the age of 13 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
11. No human food allowed in the dog play area. Treats are to be used for training purposes only.

Note: Dogs and/or their owners who violate these rules are subject to removal from the park and possible suspension. The City of Wilton Manors reserves the right to refuse entry into Colohatchee Park for the reasons of health, safety, and prior offenses or for the comfort of all patrons and/or their pets.

All Incidents and injuries must be reported to the Leisure Services Department by calling 954-390-2130.

Please be advised that the dog park is an unsupervised recreational area of the City of Wilton Manors Leisure Services Department.