Community Development Services Applications/Forms


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In an effort to streamline the various processes within Community Development Services, the City has designed specific checklists to be completed and submitted with the required permit application forms. These checklists contain the minimum requirements to submit an application and there may be additional requirements that become apparent when the application is reviewed. However, we sincerely hope that these checklists will prevent our customers from having to make multiple trips to our office to provide additional information or documentation.

Building Permit Applications/Forms

Permit Submission Hours: Monday - Thursday, 7:00AM to 5:30PM

Broward County Uniform Building Permit Application

Checklist for Permit Application
List of Projects Requiring a Project Specific Checklist
Inspection Request Form
Building Permit Process
Contractor Registration

Construction Hours: Monday - Saturday, 8:00AM to 7:00PM 
                  Sunday, 10:00AM to 7:00PM

How to Check Permit Status Online 
How to Request an Inspection Online

30 Day Temporary Electric Service
Air Conditioning (Change-out) Checklist
Air Conditioning (New Install) Checklist

Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report
Recertify Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report
Broward County Review Approval Guide
Certificate of Occupancy/Completion/Temporary Checklist
Change of Contractor / Cancellation of a Permit

Civil and Site Work Checklist

Commercial Tenant Improvements Checklist
Construction Bond
Demolition Checklist
Docks/Seawalls Checklist

Driveways/Walkway/Patio/Deck/Pool Deck Checklist
Electrical Service Change Checklist

Fence Checklist and Requirements
Hurricane Mitigation
Impervious and Pervious Space Calculations
Inspection Request Form
Licensed Recycling Contractors
Newsrack Application
Notice of Commencement
Owner/Builder Statement/Affidavit
Portable Storage Unit (POD) Checklist
Residential Renovations/Additions Checklist
Roof (New and Re-Roof) Checklist and HVHZ Package
Sheds Checklist

Signs Checklist
Special Building Inspector
Specific Use Permit Application
Swimming Pools/Spas Checklist
Windows/Doors/Shutters Checklist

Development Review Applications/Forms

Bed and Breakfast Application
Conditional Use Application
Facade Improvement Checklist
Plat Application
PUD Application
Site Plan Application
Variance Application
Zoning Map Amendment Rezoning Application

Miscellaneous Applications/Forms

Local Business Tax Application
Commercial Recycling Application
Public Records Request
Residential Rental License Application
Application To Solicit or Canvass
Abandoned Real Property Registration Application
Vacation Rental Application
Vacation Rental Process
Vacation Rental Ordinance No. 2019-009